4-17-2020 Summit by Morrison Update

Dear Family and Friends of Summit,

Thank you so much for your continued support, flexibility, and encouragement during these difficult days.

We continue to closely monitor the COVID-19 pandemic. The CDC and NH Department of Health and Human Services have implemented several new guidelines to help reduce the risk of COVID-19 entering or spreading in facilities such as ours. Here are the new measures we will be implementing:

  • Residents in our Assisted Living and Memory Care communities MUST wear a cloth mask whenever they leave their rooms OR if a staff member enters the room. Residents in Independent Living are strongly encouraged to follow the same policy.
  • Masks for residents in Assisted Living and Memory Care communities: These will be collected by staff at the end of the day and washed in unit.
  • Due to the new mask wearing guidelines for residents, meal service will be changing for our Assisted Living and Memory Care communities as of tomorrow (April 17):
    • All meals will now be taken in resident rooms. Meal trays will be provided for those who do not have a table in their room.
    • Starting Sunday, April 19, breakfast service will change. The main kitchen will send family style breakfast offerings. Scrambled eggs and bacon will be offered everyday along with one other hot choice.
    • Assisted Living lunch and dinner: Meals will still be chosen by residents; however, their meals will come boxed to the wings.
    • Memory Care lunch and dinner: Meals will still come family style. Staff will serve to residents on disposable dinnerware.
    • There will be NO dinnerware or silverware going back to the main kitchen.
  • If any resident goes to an inpatient or outpatient visit, they must wear a SURGICAL mask when leaving the building which will be provided by Summit. Upon their return, they will be quarantined to their room for fourteen days. Please note that Sue Shevlin, Resident Care Director will be working with Assisted Living and Memory Care community residents’ physicians to see if some procedures can be completed here in the vestibule to try to avoid having residents isolated in their rooms. Independent Living residents are strongly encouraged to use Telehealth options. Please call your care provider for more information.
  • We are no longer accepting admissions to Assisted Living or Memory Care. We do have a Memory Care resident potentially joining us at the end of the month. This individual currently lives at The Morrison Skilled Nursing Facility where they are following the same precautions as us.
  • If a positive case is identified here, the State will be notified, and residents and staff will be tested for COVID per CDC/DHHS guidelines.

We would like to remind you that creative solutions are available to help you stay in touch with your loved ones. Window visits can be scheduled, and we are happy to assist your loved ones with their technology if they would like to Skype or Facetime. Please remember that family and friends should not visit in the parking lot or in other outdoor spaces with their loved one in person.

Our residents’ well-being is our top priority. We will continue to do everything we can to ensure their safety and happiness during this difficult time.

Thank you for your understanding and your encouragement to residents to adhere to these guidelines. We can only keep our residents and staff safe as a team effort.



Shannon Lynch, Executive Director of Summit by Morrison