Annual Report

Dear Community Friends:

The Morrison Communities Board of Trustees takes great pleasure in dedicating the 2020 Annual Report to our extraordinary staff. We are profoundly grateful for their compassion, dedication, grit, creativity, and resourcefulness. Their ability to adapt to the multiple challenges of COVID-19 leaves us humbled.

Throughout the year their unwavering dedication to our organization, our residents and their families, and to each other, was tested on a daily basis. At each step of the way they never faltered, finding numerous ways to sustain and improve the quality of life for our residents.

We would be remiss if we didn’t salute our residents who faced extraordinary adjustments and limitations as we strived to keep their community safe. Their grace in understanding the need for these restrictions was inspiring.

We also celebrate our families and the wider community for their support, encouragement, and random acts of kindness. Each act lifted spirits and let our staff know that they were recognized and appreciated.

Through all the changes that this year brought, we continued to make our communities a home for our residents and indeed became extended family members during the many months when the facilities were closed to visitors. As we head into a new year, we will continue each day to seek ways to improve the
quality of life for our residents.

We hope you will join us in offering our team members your thanks and gratitude for their professionalism, perseverance, and many kindnesses the next time you see them.




Douglas A. Shearer
President, Board of Trustees