Dr. George Morrison

Dr. George Morrison

Dr. George Harvey Morrison was affectionately remembered as a skilled professional and philanthropist, who held the well-being of his fellow citizens close to his heart. His devotion to the medical profession and to his community led him to establish the Morrison Hospital, as well as the Training School for Nurses in Whitefield in 1903.

The Morrison Hospital was the only hospital north of Hanover, and it quickly become known for its advanced medicine and innovative surgeries. At the same time, the nursing school, which was led by Mae Morrison, the head nurse and administrator, and Dr. Morrison’s wife, was graduating more than 100 women from its rigorous program.

Dr. Morrison’s philanthropy was on further display in 1926 when he gifted the hospital to Whitfield, with the only condition that it be maintained by the town in perpetuity.

Mae Morrison, center, and students.

But he didn’t stop there. He continued to contribute financially to the hospital, and he also worked diligently on fundraising to help rebuild and expand the facility.

There have been many improvements since Dr. Morrison’s vision first became reality, as we have continued to offer northern New Hampshire residents the highest quality healthcare. In 1970, we became known as the Morrison Nursing Home. We added Sartwell Assisted Living to our campus in 1993, and our expansion continued with the opening of the Dana Rehabilitation Wing in 2010 and the Physical Therapy Wing in 2015.

Perhaps our most ambitious project came to fruition in 2018 when we were proud to open the doors of Summit by Morrison, the first-of-its-kind

The Morrison Hospital in the early 1900s

The Morrison Hospital in the early 1900s.

senior living community in the region. With Summit by Morrison, we are able to meet our region’s growing need for independent living options with beautiful and thoughtfully-designed cottages and apartments. Summit by Morrison also features assisted living and memory care options.

Although many variables have changed through the years, and the Morrison Communities has grown to what it is today, our mission has never wavered. High-quality care and a commitment to the community remain at our core.