The Morrison

Are supplies included in room & board fees?

Yes, Morrison Skilled Nursing Facility provides basic supplies for our residents for their normal daily care.  If you have specific items in mind please don’t hesitate to ask about these during your tour.

Can I have a phone in my room?

Yes.  Every resident at Morrison is provided with a land line available to them if they desire along with a designated phone number for their use.

Is there a fee for the phone?

There is no fee for the phones provided.

Is there a fee for cable tv?

Basic cable is available to every resident at The Morrison. TVs with greater programing options may be viewed in the two common areas.

Are there any LTC private rooms?

Throughout the building we have both semi-private and private rooms with predominance being semi-private.  Semi-private rooms are the norm in the Long Term Care area.

Do you accept Medicaid?

Yes, both Morrison Skilled Nursing Facility and Sartwell Place Assisted Living accept Medicaid.

Is there a locked unit?

Morrison Skilled Nursing Facility does not have a locked unit for resident who may be exit seeking.  We do have a security alarm system at our primary doors which is triggered by a bracelet worn by vulnerable residents.  Other doors are alarmed by a code.  Our Summit by Morrison campus does have a locked Memory Care community for residents with dementia.


Sartwell Place

What is Assisted Living?

Assisted Living is an option for seniors who are looking for assistance with the activities of daily living, such as meal preparation, housekeeping, laundry, bathing and medication management, while maintaining as much independence as possible. Sartwell Assisted Living offers the comforts of home in a safe and supportive environment.

Can I have a phone in my room?

We recommend that the potential resident and family member call to arrange a tour and discussion with the Director of Sartwell Place Assisted Living.  During this visit we will discuss your physical, social and cognitive needs and best determine together the ideal setting for you.

What do you mean by medication management?

Our staff are trained to properly provide medication management services to our residents. This service includes, reminding and guiding our residents to take their medications according to the designated times and frequency as directed by your Primary Care Provider.  We also coordinate medication ordering and changes through our pharmacy provider who will deliver medications directly to Sartwell, alleviating the responsibility of tracking medications and prescriptions by the resident and family.  We work closely with each resident, their responsible party and their chosen health care provider to ensure the residents health and safety at all times.

Do you assist with transportation?

We offer assistance in arranging transportation for medical appointments, including using our local resources, when available.

What do you offer for activities?

Sartwell Place Assisted Living offers a variety of activities, to meet the cognitive, emotional, social, spiritual and physical needs of our residents. We provide scheduled activities and outings within our Assisted Living community. In addition, our residents are always welcome to participate in activities provided by the Morrison Nursing Home, located on the first floor of our building.  Certain activities offered at Summit by Morrison are also open to our residents.

Do you allow personal pets?

We do not allow personal pets; however, we do have a house cat who resides on the second floor of our Assisted Living.

Do you accept Medicaid?

Sartwell Place Assisted Living is a Medicaid accepting facility. We pride ourselves on our ability to assist in meeting the needs of our community.

Is there a fee to have a telephone and cable service?

There is a nominal monthly fee for phone and basic cable service.  Residents will provide their own phone and television set.


Summit by Morrison

What is Summit by Morrison?

Summit by Morrison is a first-of-its-kind senior living community in the heart of New Hampshire’s White Mountains region. Unlike any other, our community offers multiple housing options for seniors who wish to move to or continue living in the region, including Independent Living Cottages and Apartments, Assisted Living studios and studios for residents who may need Memory Care. It’s a community where you or your loved one may choose to live independently, but also enjoy the comfort of knowing assistance and support is there when needed.

How is Summit by Morrison different from The Morrison Skilled Nursing Facility and Sartwell Place Assisted Living?

Summit by Morrison is a senior living community with multiple housing options, based on the level of care needed, for those who wish to live in the region. You or your loved one can live independently – while taking advantage of Summit’s amenities – while knowing assistance and support is there when needed.

The Morrison Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Care provides a comprehensive array of healthcare services designed to meet resident needs and capabilities at several stages, including skilled nursing, rehabilitation, assisted living and long-term and respite care. Private pay, Medicaid and Medicare are accepted by The Morrison while Summit by Morrison is a private pay only facility.

What are the housing options?

Summit by Morrison offers multiple housing options:

  • Independent Living Cottages
  • Independent Living Apartments
  • Assisted Living Apartments
  • Apartments for residents who may need Memory Care


Resident Lifestyle

What are the housing options?

Summit by Morrison offers multiple housing options:

  • Independent Living Cottages
  • Independent Living Apartments
  • Assisted Living Studios
  • Studios for residents who may need Memory Care
Are private rooms offered?

All apartments and studios are private and include a private bathroom.

Are handicap accessible apartments available?


How are the cottages different from the apartments?

Summit’s Independent Living Cottages are separate structures from the Summit main building where all apartments are located.  The cottages are built as garden style duplexes.  The adjoining wall is located between the oversized one-car garages. The cottages are meant to be completely independent with full kitchens, though you can enjoy meals and activities in the Summit main building as you choose.

Are there specific visiting hours for family and friends?

Summit is open 24/7 for family and friends.

Are Summit by Morrison residents allowed to have overnight guests?


How are food preferences or dietary restrictions handled?

Meal plans with accommodations are available to all residents.  Once we begin coordinating your move-in, we will discuss your dietary needs and restrictions as prescribed or directed by your doctor.  Our in-house culinary team will work with you to develop a plan that meets your personal needs.

Are you taking deposits?

Yes. Contact us today to reserve your residence.

May I keep my car?

Yes, we have parking spaces available for all residents as well as a limited amount of covered carport spaces.

Are pets allowed?

Yes, we allow pets but certain fees and policies apply. Please contact us with additional questions.

What if there is a medical emergency?

Summit has a robust emergency response system and 24-hour staffing to respond to any resident’s needs.


Summit Care

What levels of care are available?

Summit by Morrison offers Independent Living for those who do not need any assistance. For individuals requiring help with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), such as bathing, dressing or medication management we offer Assisted Living and a Memory Care Community.

How does Assisted Living differ from Independent Living?

Assisted Living allows residents to live as independently as possible with extra assistance from Summit staff, including help with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), such as bathing, dressing or medication management.

Do you accept residents who have dementia?

Yes, our Memory Care Community is specifically designed for people with dementia.

What is Memory Care?

Alzheimer’s and dementia are two of the common memory-loss conditions included under the umbrella of Memory Care. This specialized care spans a spectrum of services depending upon the severity of symptoms exhibited by an individual.  Memory Care goes beyond what is traditionally offered in an assisted living setting by increasing the facilitation of Activities of Daily Living.

In recognition of the unique care challenges that Alzheimer’s and dementia pose, our Memory Care Household is solely for residents requiring this extra care. We have incorporated unique design elements that research has shown to lower stress in individuals with Alzheimer’s or dementia. These include increased natural lighting, meal choice and a residential home design that still allows for a sense of freedom.

Are there physicians or healthcare professionals on site?

Licensed Nursing Assistants and Residential Aides are on site 24 hours a day to assist residents in our Assisted Living and Memory Care Communities. Our Resident Care Director is a registered nurse and is available to assess and provide guidance to our residents in these communities as well.

Do you provide transitional support to residents who need hospice care?

Yes, Summit by Morrison provides this support for Assisted Living and Memory Care residents. Should hospice care be needed, Summit by Morrison can help residents find local hospice agencies to come in and provide this service.


Summit Amenities

Are there daily activities for residents?

All residents have access to a comprehensive activities program which includes social, cultural, educational, spiritual, musical, and recreational activities.

Where and when is dining offered?

Independent living residents dine in our main dining rooms. Large windows provide lots of natural sunlight and stunning views of our main courtyard and the mountains. Professional waitstaff and a rotating menu full of enticing meal options make for a quality dining experience! Meal plans vary based on living options. Please reach out to a representative to learn more.

Residents residing in our Assisted Living and Memory Care Communities enjoy meals in a cozy, homelike environment in their respective wings. Breakfast is made to order and lunch and dinner are prepared by our culinary team.

Residents in all living options enjoy special community-wide and holiday meals in our main dining room.

Is there internet access on site?

Yes.  All cottages and apartments are cable TV and internet ready.  Wireless internet (Wi-FI) is also available throughout Summit by Morrison.

Are there communal areas and amenities?

There are many common areas, including an activity room, an auditorium, dining rooms, a private dining room that can be reserved by residents, a fitness center, a library, gardens and walking paths.

Are haircuts provided on site?

We have a hair salon and barbershop in the main building: services are available a la carte.

Does Summit by Morrison have a spa?

While Summit does not offer a full-service spa, we do have a hair salon and a private soaking tub.

Is there quiet space?

Yes.  Summit by Morrison has a library for reading and quiet reflection.

What makes Summit by Morrison different than other senior living communities/facilities in New Hampshire?

There are many senior living communities in New Hampshire, but Summit by Morrison is the first of its kind in the White Mountain Region. For seniors who want to leave their home but stay in this beautiful natural setting, or for those who want to join us from afar, Summit offers carefree, autonomous living surrounded by stunning mountain landscapes, ample open space and unlimited fresh air.  Summit is a true community unto itself, but also part of Whitefield and the larger Northern New Hampshire communities where independent spirit combines with community involvement and support for all.

Is smoking permitted?

The campus is tobacco-free.

Is Medicare or Medicaid accepted?