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Life Lessons Learned at the Circus

Veronica FrancisLife Lessons Learned at the Circus Comes to Summit by Morrison

Veronica Francis wears many hats. A web marketing professional, she is also an author, a public speaker, a digital trainer, and the owner of the Glad Store on Littleton’s Main Street. But to the residents at Summit by Morrison she is best known for her uplifting and humorous Circus Power YouTube videos in which she clowns around while revealing the many life lessons she’s learned as she attempts to “put more circus into my life and to make every day a circus day!”

For three summers during Veronica’s childhood, her parents hosted a traditional circus from Sarasota, Florida at Circus Towne, an amusement park and tourist attraction in Twin Mountain. Her adventures during those summers ignited a lifelong passion for the circus, and inspired her first book, Circus Towne. Decades later, she has drawn on those early memories to spark a new passion for living, learning and creating.

“We are thrilled that Veronica has shared her circus videos with us so that we can show them to our residents on our big screen,” says Shannon Lynch, Executive Director at Summit. “The videos exude Veronica’s warmth and positive energy. She imparts simple inspiring messages using lessons she learned at the circus that are just perfect for anyone to take to heart, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when life has been turned upside down for all of us.”

Veronica created the videos after the many stresses and responsibilities she faced at midlife caused her to reexamine her priorities. Through the videos, eronica says that she is “sharing her circus joy,” and helping others “learn how you can harness your own circus power.”

For instance, in “Swing High for Your Dreams,” Veronica and her husband attended a circus weekend at the New England Center for the Circus Arts in Vermont where she fulfilled a childhood dream of being the daring young girl on the flying trapeze. The life lesson she learned and shares in the video is that it is never too late for a person to achieve their dreams. Other videos are titled “Only Juggle What You Can Handle Today,” “Find Balance,” and “Whatever You Do, Do It With Style.”

Watch the Circus Power videos and learn more about Veronica at

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