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Honoring our Veterans

Honoring our veteran’s is an important part of caring for our residents. Veterans at both campuses enjoyed special celebrations. We are proud of their service and sacrifices and want to be sure they know how much we value them.

Sartwell Assisted Living


“Sartwell would like to thank each of our veterans for their service and dedication to our country. We would also like to thank Jack Baker, from the American Legion Post 58, for sharing a recording of himself which was shown at our Veteran’s Day ceremony. The recording thanked each of our veterans and they were provided a signed Certificate of Honor, recognizing their service. Sartwell Place also celebrated Veteran’s Day with a toast celebrating their fellow veterans and in remembrance of those that have passed.”

–Liz Hazard, Director of Sartwell

The Morrison Skilled Nursing Facility

“Here at The Morrison we currently have 14 residents that have served our country . In my time here, I cannot recall ever having this many Veterans at one time. As you all know in this time of COVID 19, we cannot have anyone from the outside come in to pay their respect and honor the Veterans and we as a facility cannot take them out on an outing to a restaurant for a special lunch.

We had a plan of a special  breakfast in their honor and then the plans changed with the amount of residents in one area at a  time while social distancing. With the great team I have, we came together and  The Activities Department hand delivered our Veterans their special breakfast, followed by giving our Veterans a balloon, a medal, a special pin made by the Activities staff and a Certificate of Appreciation that was then hung on a wall to honor them.”

–Chrissy Gooden, Activities Director

Summit by Morrison

Do you or a family member need help finding resources for a veteran you know? Visit the New Hampshire VA page for helpful information.

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