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Outpatient Rehab at The Morrison

rehab services director with patient

Did you know?

When your doctor recommends outpatient rehab services, such as speech, physical or occupational therapy, you can request to receive those services at The Morrison Skilled Nursing Facility. Located at 6 Terrace St., Whitefield, NH, this convenient resource can literally help you get back on your feet! The friendly and knowledgeable staff are available six days a  week. And don’t forget: services are available to any age group.

Meet one of our outpatient rehab team members: Saral Davis, DPT, Director of Rehab

I love the science of the human body and helping people to regain function in their recovery process. The Morrison is part of my community and I love helping those who helped shape this town into what it is and what it stands for. The Morrison is a fantastic place to work. The environment is family-like, and everyone is treated like a valued part of the team, which they are. I’ve been here just under three years. If you are looking for a job this may be the last job you ever have to look for!

What are the benefits of rehabilitative services?

Visit to find out how therapy can help you!

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